Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

DIY clothespin message (englisch)

Hier findest du die Anleitung auf deutsch.
здесь вы найдете инструкция на русском язык

You need:

a clothespin
- a black Permanent Marker
- a red and a black fineliner pen
- Glue
- scissors

How to do:
1 First i wrote something on the clothespin. You can choose to put ,,You have a message..." on it like I did, or just come up with something else;)


 2Then i cut out a little rectangle that fits on the jaws of the clothespin. It will be the ,,envelope" .


3. Next up I decorate my envelope and cut it in half.

4. Then I cut out a trapezoid. It should fit inside the jaws when you open the jaws as wide as possible and I wrote my message on the trapezoid, i took I ♥ U ;)

5.At least i stuck the envelope on the clothspin and the message between the two jaws.

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