Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

DIY Galaxy nails (englisch)


Today I want to show you how to do Galaxy Nails.

Hier findest du die Anleitung auf deutsch.

I used:

Base Coat: Essence studio Nails step 1 & step 2
- Cosmetica Fanatica black
- p2 color victim 570 so cool !
- Ives Rocher French Manicure white polish
- flormar Neon Colors lightblue
- Misslyn 229 purple
- Rimmel London 270 Shocker
- flormar Supershine 38
- Top Sealer: Essence better than gel nails
- a little sponge

How to do:

1. First paint your nails black.
2. Dab your nails in some places with shimmering blue.
I think it's better to hold the sponge with tweezers.
3. Do the same with a white colour.
The white paint is used as a base color for the bright colors.
4. Now you dab the colored paints (Pink, Purple, Turquoise ...)  on the white spots.
5. Finally you varnish your nails with a glitter polish and a top coat. 

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